Use your viewpoints
to earn more rewards

ShareParty is a platform for users to participate in survey missions to earn rewards. Download ShareParty and complete surveys to earn points and redeem gift vouchers and coupons.

Support Android system only

Register account

One button registration with phone number verification.

Participate in missions

Limited time mission; complete the mission to earn points.

Redeem prizes

Use points to redeem many gift vouchers and coupons.

Use your viewpoints to earn more rewards

Fill out surveys

There is a wide range of survey types; you can choose the surveys that you are interested in filling out. Simply move your fingers to complete the surveys and earn points to redeem great gifts. There are always new surveys; open the App at any time and there will be different new missions.

User reviews

I have redeemed a prize! I’m looking forward to new surveys.
Not bad! I’ve redeemed prizes several times already.
They give a lot of points! Prizes can be redeemed immediately.
The surveys keep getting updated so you can earn points very quickly!
Earn rewards!
Support Android system only
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